I am an entrepreneur located in Calgary.

The menu items located at the top of the page should be a sufficient guide to the contents of this site, both existing and planned for the future. If not, let me elaborate.
  • I sell film on the Internet to people who own, and want to use, old cameras. Thus the "Film" menu items and my planned"Showcase" of examples of the films in use.
  • I travel. Thus the "Travel" menu item. I take photos and therefore there will be a "Showcase" of travel photos.
  • I make things that never existed before, and I make things work in new ways. Thus the "Maker" item.
  • I observe, as we all do. As we all do, I hope that some of my observations might be of interest to others. Thus the "NuMuZu" item and its untidy shoe-box of sub-folders.  
  • If the evidence in my Y chromosome is to be believed, and if I understand it correctly, I'm an aboriginal European, descended from men and women who lived in southwestern Europe since before the last ice age. My earliest ancestor to whom I can give a name, Johannes Hector Feÿ, who married the widow Margurite Bender, daughter of Peter Bender, was born around the time of the Spanish Armada, and this whole thing fascinates me.  Thus the discussions about genealogy.
  • And I take seriously Santayana's famous dictum about those who forget history. There are some things that shouldn't be forgotten. Thus the "How It Was" discussions.

And because I am, actually, not a backward-looking person, there are also "How it will be" speculations.

More coming soon


Updates on film manufacturing

How-to features to help photographers who are new to film.

The occasional thought on what's going on in the world of photography.